AND THEN WE DANCED was in the middle of its US theatrical run when national theaters began closing as a response to COVID-19. Local theaters had been working hard to share trailers, promote the film on social media, and facilitate reviews from local press. We believe that work should be honored before releasing AND THEN WE DANCED more broadly on VOD & DVD later this year. AND THEN WE DANCED is an uplifting and joyful film about finding connection and creating intimacy under the most difficult of circumstances. As a film distributor, we can’t think of a better film to watch in times like these. Watch the film and join the conversation.

Music Box StreamLocal was launched in response to COVID-19’s effect on independent art house cinemas around the country. With Music Box StreamLocal, experience AND THEN WE DANCED (with a special Q&A with director Levan Akin on April 2) from the comfort of your own home while also supporting your local art house movie theater.